Pastor Karen Alden came to Woodlandville United Methodist Church in July 2011.  She has been in ministry for almost 30 years.  She and husband, Bill, live in Glasgow, MO, where they enjoy antiquing, walking on the MO River, reading, their family, some traveling and spoiling their dog, Max.  They have four children and three grandchildren. 

Pastor Karen has extensive training in Christian education and continues to teach an elementary Sunday school class every week.  In pastoral ministry, Pastor Karen focuses on all ages from the tiny babies to the most “senior” adults.  She makes herself available to the congregation and any in the community who wish to visit with her. Pastor Karen’s preaching style is Biblically based to address needs in modern families and individual lives, with the ultimate desire to reach people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. 



The origin of our Woodlandville Church began in 1836 with land purchased for a square log building known as the Bethlehem Meeting House.

This was a shared church, alternating service for the Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians. The Methodists later build their own church in the town of Everett, which boasted a general store, blacksmith shop, and post office.
Everett no longer exists, but the remains of the towns one-room school house and the old cemetery can still be seen from Wilhite road.

After 41 years in Everett, it was decided to move the church to Woodlandville.

Woodlandville was a larger community with better roads, a general store, blacksmith shop, and post office. On May 11, 1901, the land was purchased for the current church. The church was dedicated in 1902. The town of Woodlandville no longer supports any businesses, but the church has stayed strong throughout the last one hundred years. It has served as a center of worship and a meeting place for many different organizations in our community.

On October 14, 2001, we celebrated our 100th anniversary. People came from near and far to gather in worship and fellowship. It is a tribute to our past and an inspiration for the future of our church. We invite you to come and worship with us, a small country church with a large community of faith.

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